This Garlic Parmesan Chicken has some of the best flavors of any chicken dish I have made!  It is the perfect combo of smooth & creamy cheese, rich and bold garlic and tender chicken. Plus, with only 8 ingredients and one dish, it can be prepped and in the oven in as little as 10 minutes! Serve it with a side of broccoli, my personal favorite, or one of my other suggestions below and you have a full meal fast!


Of all the places the military has sent us (10 in just the last 14 years!) one of my favorites was Newport, RI.  Although it was one of our farthest stations from home, the rich culture, the deeply rooted communities, the salty sea, and familiar small town feel make it a place that takes your hand as you arrive and holds onto your heart as you leave.

There are many things that I will remember from our short time spent on the shores of Rhode Island, but one of my favorites was a meal.  There is a restaurant that was well known there that is out a bit from town, down a winding road and nestled into the cliffs that line the sea.  We took full advantage of the Restaurant Week that they host in Newport on the off season, and quickly booked our reservation for this little gem.

We got to indulge in a multi-course meal and were treated better than we knew what to do with, but while everyone else was ordering the filet mignon, I knew that the garlic parmesan chicken was calling my name.  There was something a little magical about the bold flavor of garlic being married with the sharp parmesan and nestled into a comforting mellow cream sauce which got my wheels turning.

I often try to recreate dishes I have at restaurants to capture their flavors and the things that really wowed me, but put them in a more simple package that you could actually make on any given hectic weeknight.  While it is not quite the same dish I ate at this restaurant, the Baked Garlic Parmesan Chicken turned out to be even easier to create than I expected and maybe even tastier than the original.